DESCRIPTION is launching it’s same-day delivery service in Hong Kong and would like to create a buzz online
with a creative invitation box set to very selective celebrities & vips.
Guests who got the box set was initiated to trial the same-day delivery service for free on a specific date.

Aiming to wow the receiver, the invitation needed to be stunningly design.
We delivered the message of “surprise you every time you unpack your order from net-a-porter” by creating a layers of
HK city skyline within the jewellery box of Net-A-Porter.
The box is finally exquisitely done and successfully brought tons of photo uploads online (esp instagram).

Receiving the first invitation we designed, headquarter of invited us to design the invitation for
Their debut launch party for its new paper magazine in London, Sydney & Hong Kong.

Continue the momentum of the previous invitation, they request to adapt the same concept by
Replacing different city’s features.
Touching it up, we incorporate 2 colours for greater visual impact.

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