Village Reinvented – MaD 2016

“It establish, it vanish, and it reborn again, from time to time.
It is a neighbourhood, a community, a place we call home.”
This project is a collaboration with the creative talent of MaD team for the annual flagship event
– MaD 2016 Village Reinvented.

Echoing with the forum last year, this year we gather different creative units from the rest of the world
to explore the possibility of “home”. Our homeland is known for the rapid change of environment.
A home to us today, becomes an abandoned place by tomorrow, and somehow,
when people gather, it reborn again in different form.
This is how we express “home” in the design.
The main visual is designed like a map on a radar, the pattern on top represents the environment,
and it changes over different version, to reassemble the movement of radar.


MAD - Make A Difference